Monday, 18 February 2019

"Discovering the Truth Behind the Question"


Quevera provides consulting services, integrated application development and products to government organizations and private industries. The company intends to consolidate proven methodologies into computer applications that can be sold and distributed independently or in conjunction with the services offered. Services provided by Quevera support our corporate image of efficient, technologically advanced and quality work. Agencies within the federal government have become accustomed to the outstanding quality and services that Quevera provides. Quevera is committed to growing business within the federal government by continuing to compete in federal government open competition proposals. Currently, our professional rates service workplace imageare highly competitive. These rates are packaged on proposals to include senior and mid-level professionals to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality for a competitive rate.

Quevera believes in providing customers with the highest quality professionals to serve our customers and establish a lasting impression of the company. Our consultants are employed with interdisciplinary backgrounds, highly creative thinking and superior analytical techniques. Quevera continues to build on our employees’ strengths by developing career growth plans that are tailored to the employee, providing a path for each employee to reach his full potential. Quevera also provides annual corporate training that continues to inspire employees with the Quevera vision.

Quevera consultants provide the expertise needed to put today's automation and application integration technology to work for our clients. Utilizing our innovative process-driven approach, our consultants conduct in-depth analysis of our customer’s current processes and future initiatives. With these assessments, our Software consultants are provided with the necessary information needed to effectively and efficiently implement the automation or integrated application technology for our client. Typically, the consulting engagement results in any of the following deliverables:

  • Requirements Definition and Analysis Document
  • Product and Vendor Evaluations
  • End User Use Cases

Quevera provides efficient software integration for organizations committed to building and maintaining an internal automation system. Utilizing a skilled, multifaceted team of experts to perform the analysis and integration, Quevera's solutions incorporate best-in-class products and are customized to fulfill the client’s precise requirements.Quevera's Software Integration Service may include any of the following:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Program and Project Management
  • On-Site Support
  • Process automation

Automating processes and consolidating data often significantly increase an organization's efficiency. Quevera takes the time to first analyze, understand, document, and review customer processes. Often times, an existing process can be incrementally improved before it is automated. In order to deliver the best possible solution for your needs, Quevera ensures the process on which it depends is effective.