Last year was challenging for many of us, however, some of the challenges that we’ve faced are far less economically challenging than those that some of our fellow Marylanders are facing. For this reason, Quevera has agreed to join forces with the Maryland Food Bank’s critical mission to help contribute monetarily to help assist our neighbors. 

The Maryland Food Bank is a non-profit organization that has vowed to lead the charge and movement to end hunger in Maryland. With efforts to help supply food to hundreds of food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and faith-based organizations that serve food-insecure Marylanders. Although this non-profit organization helps supply food to hungry Marylanders, they also provide other resources such as work with outreach programs that provide direct food assistance, educate the public on the importance of good nutrition, and fight hunger through innovative means. Their ultimate goal and mission as a whole are feeding people, strengthening communities, and ending hunger for more Marylanders. 

In collaboration with the Maryland Food Bank, Quevera has agreed to support alongside dozens of other companies in the greater Fort Meade Community. Thanks to our employees’ grateful and generous donation contributions we were able to reach our targeted goal of $1000, which was matched by our CEO Lee Simms and then matched a third time by an anonymous contributor for a total of $3,000 donated by Quevera. We couldn’t have reached our goal if it wasn’t for the generous contributions from the Q Family. Thank you all for making a difference!