NAICS CODES 541618, 541990, 541530, 541613, 541611

At Quevera, we utilize our in-depth market research and strategic review including PEST and SWOT Analysis to constructively establish goals, develop strategy and structure, and manage effectiveness.

Key Functions

  • Ensure that integrated, timely, and data-driven business decisions are made and consistently implemented across the enterprise in a disciplined, yet agile manner.
  • Enable our clients to achieve superior mission performance though the combined support of highly skilled acquisition professionals and a proficient transactional workforce.
  • Perform front-end needs, conduct analysis and design frameworks.
  • Build and create effective and mission-focused learning solutions that can be utilized for practices that include both in-person and virtual learning

Key Services

    Quevera will identify, prioritize, and refine the uncertainties concerning the threat and the environment that a command must resolve to accomplish its mission. Our analysts manage and organize collections of intelligence from various sources. Reliability, evaluating information in order to confirm reports.
    We collaborate with subject matter experts across mission elements to deliver world class training solutions. By leveraging a variety of training development technologies and methodologies we bring together multiple authoritative systems to provide a common operating picture of the training and education mission.
    Professional expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate and collaborate with our customers to provide all levels of business support, to include budget analysis, financial management, contract management, and acquisition support. Business support is always a collaborative effort with our customers to provide consistent, reliable, and effective results.
    Our team utilizes a systematic approach to the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of learning materials and activities. This allows us to perform front-end analysis as well as design, and develop appropriate mission-focused learning solutions for both in-person and virtual learning environments.