Sunday, 20 January 2019

"Discovering the Truth Behind the Question"

CENTER OF INNOVATION be creative concept

Quevera’s commitment to innovation is reflected in the realization that it is a prerequisite to our success. Quite simply, we are defined by our ability to listen, learn and apply innovative engineering solutions to our customers’ business problems. Innovative engineering and paradigm-shifting solutions do not happen overnight and rarely do they come easily.

Engineers committed to discovering innovative solutions need a sandbox, a place to experiment with emerging technologies and apply lessons learned and best practices to emerging industry problems. That sandbox can also serve as a showcase for customers wishing to preview an incubating solution to their real-world problem.

Quevera has committed to supporting Innovation Labs where employees can feel free to experiment, shape and define solution sets “on our dime.” These labs will be centers of experimentation and excellence for our employees and serve as incubators defining the future success of our company by allowing us the freedom to experiment, to fail, to succeed — to innovate.


innovation concept imageQuevera is committed to innovation as a core function of our company. Our culture is centered on innovation, energy, process and employee focus. We will seek, employ and train highly motivated people who share our eagerness to learn and make a substantive difference in our clients’ ability to solve their business problems.

We recognize that innovation is often the employment of a new and exciting technology and we work hard to position our employees to take advantage of training opportunities to keep their skills as sharp as the cutting edge those technologies reside on.


We also recognize that true innovation is just as often the re-deployment of an existing technology juxtaposed with a fresh perspective as the perfect solution to a tough problem.

To foster our commitment to innovation, please read about the investments we have made for our clients and employees in our Innovation Lab.